Your Ticket to Rewards! How to Integrate OKX Wallet for the Ultimate Year End Party Tasks with REYIELD on DeGame!

5 min readNov 24, 2023

Now you can use the OKX Wallet on the REYIELD website! We have recently co-hosted the Web3 Year End Party with OKX Wallet on DeGame, featuring a total prize pool of up to $18,000 USD. This article will guide you step-by-step on successfully integrating OKX Wallet for tasks on the DeGame and REYIELD platforms. Hurry and join us in reading this article to participate in the prize pool event!

  1. OKX Year End Party Event Landing Page
  2. REYIELD DeGame Community
▶ 1) How to Connect OKX Wallet on DeGame?▶ 2) How to Connect OKX Wallet on REYIELD?▶ 3) Web3 Year End Party: Value $18,000USD Prize Pool

How to Connect OKX Wallet on DeGame?

If you already have a DeGame account, there’s no need to re-register a new account with your OKX Wallet. DeGame supports binding multiple wallets to the same account. Therefore, simply log in with your existing wallet and bind your OKX Wallet to participate in the Web3 Year End Party.

Step 1: Go to the DeGame Website and click ‘’Log in’’ with your wallet.

➡️ DeGame Website:

Step 2: Click on ‘’MetaMask’’ to log in.

Step 3: Click on the profile icon in the top left corner ➡️ Go to Account Setting.

Step 4: Click ‘’Add Wallet Address’’.

Step 5: Click to link your OKX Wallet with your DeGame account.

Step 6: After being redirected to the OKX website, click on ‘’Connect Wallet’’.

➡️ OKX Website:

Step 7: Add wallet extension to Chrome.

Step 8: Add OKX Wallet on Google Chrome.

➡️ OKX Wallet Download on Google Chrome:

Step 9: Click the ‘’Add extension’’ button to add OKX Wallet to your Google Chrome extensions.

Step 10: Create an OKX Wallet / Import your MetaMask Wallet ➡️ Remember your Seed Phrase ➡️ Set up a password for your OKX Wallet.

Step 11: Click ‘’Maybe later’’ if you wish to add multiple chains to your OKX Wallet at a later time. ➡️ Click ‘’Start your Web3 journey’’ to complete the creation of your OKX Wallet.

Step 12: Return to the DeGame page to ‘’Add Wallet Address’’ ➡️ ‘’Select OKX Wallet’’.

➡️ DeGame Website:

Step 13: Click ‘’Back up your wallet’’ ➡️ Enter your password.

Step 14: Write down your Seed Phrase and then verify it.

Step 15: ‘’Connect’’ account ➡️ ‘’Confirm’’ Signature request

Step 16: Set up your DeGame Profile and click ‘’Confirm’’.

How to Connect OKX Wallet on REYIELD?

Step 1: Click the link below to enter the REYIELD Website.

➡️ REYIELD Website:

Step 2: Click the ‘’Connect’’ button in the top right corner.

Step 3: Click ‘’OKX Wallet’’.

Step 4: If you see your wallet address displayed in the top right corner of the webpage, that means you have completed the connection.

Web3 Year End Party: Value $18,000USD Prize Pool

Once you have completed the above steps, you can go to the REYIELD DeGame event page to claim CP for OKX Wallet tasks and complete other tasks. Participants also have the opportunity to enter a draw for REYIELD’s 400 USDT and 40 REYIELD Finance Early Access Pass NFTs. Additionally, you can take part in the OKX Wallet prize pool event, boasting a total value of up to $18,000 USD!

This event is in collaboration with multiple project communities, and soon, we will be hosting several AMAs together with OKX Wallet and various major communities. We invite everyone to click the link below and join the REYIELD community to get the latest updates firsthand!

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