Participate in events hosted by OKX and DeGame and earn USDT!

5 min readNov 24, 2023

Join the Epic Web3 Year-End Party: A DeGame and OKX Wallet Collaboration!

We’re thrilled to announce an extraordinary Web3 year-end party, a collaboration between DeGame and OKX Wallet, set to unfold from November 20th to December 3rd, 2023.

This groundbreaking partnership marks a significant milestone in blending gaming with Web3, paving the way for innovative trends in the gaming world.

Get ready to step into a winter gaming wonderland, where fantasy meets challenge, and experience a Web3 adventure that transcends traditional gaming events.

Generous rewards await every intrepid explorer in this grand celebration of gaming and passion. Let’s dive into this festive gaming extravaganza together!

Event Highlights: A Symphony of Exploration, Innovation, and Passion

As we approach November 20, 2023, the anticipation for our annual celebration grows. We invite Web3 enthusiasts worldwide to join us in marking this momentous occasion.

During the event, participants can engage with vibrant project communities, earning points by completing innovative and challenging tasks.

These activities offer a deep dive into the unique aspects of each project, with opportunities to win token rewards from the project teams. This event is more than just a gaming gathering; it’s an odyssey in Web3 exploration.

Tevaera is at the forefront of the gaming ecosystem on zkSync Era, offering a L3 gaming hyperchain with native AA.

It features Teva Core, a multiplayer protocol, Gaming Dex, and Marketplace. Our mission is to usher in the next era of web3 gaming, enabling the launch of “fun & fair” multi-genre games.

Our first title, Teva Run, is live on zkSync Era, offering a multiplayer racing game with crypto-themed power-ups, 12 naturistic maps, and thrilling gameplay.

Reward Details: Incentives for Every Participant

Event Duration: November 20, 2023, 15:00 — December 3, 2023, 15:00

Tevaera: Win $2,500 worth of USDT (Join the Tevaera Quests to be among the 100 raffle winners, each winning 20 USDC, plus a bonus 20 Karma reward for completing all Tevaera Quests!)

How to Participate the Event to get Reward?

Ensure you log in with your OKX wallet to be eligible for prize claims.

1、Click on the ‘Web3 Year-End Party’ page

To view the detailed event process of Web3 Year-End Party, scroll down to Web3 Year-End Party and click on the Tevaera Community to join the activities within the community.

2、Earn CP by completing community quests. (for example)

Following the official social media of the community not only makes it easy to earn CP points but also allows you to be the first to know about the community’s latest updates.

You will receive a reward of 100 CP(Per invite) for inviting friends to the Tevaera community..

(The invited user needs to complete 1 quest for an invite to count.)

Answer the question and get 100 CP

3、Collecting 700 Skill points to become a Runner in web3 game Teva Run and get 200 CP.

( Please use OKX wallet to log in to the game.)

Minting Tevaera Citizen ID to get 200 CP, you can view the Video Tutorial to learn how to mint it.

How to add OKX Wallet to your Google Chrome extensions?

Step 1: Click on the link below to add OKX Wallet in Google Chrome.

➡️ OKX Wallet Download on Google Chrome:

Step 2: Click the ‘’Add extension’’ button to add OKX Wallet to your Google Chrome extensions.

Step 3: Create an OKX Wallet / Import your MetaMask Wallet ➡️ Remember your Seed Phrase ➡️ Set up a password for your OKX Wallet.

Step 4: Click ‘’Maybe later’’ if you wish to add multiple chains to your OKX Wallet at a later time. ➡️ Click ‘’Start your Web3 journey’’ to complete the creation of your OKX Wallet.

How to Connect OKX Wallet on DeGame?

Step 1: Go to the DeGame Website and click ‘’Log in’’.

➡️ DeGame Website:

Step 2: Click on ‘’OKX’’ to link your OKX Wallet.

Step 3: Confirm the authorization of your OKX Wallet on DeGame.

Step 4: Set up your DeGame Profile and click ‘’Confirm’’.

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