Level Up Your Festival Fun with Dmail in Linea Entertainment 🗝 Win $1000 in NFT Domain Accounts with Group A!

4 min readSep 8, 2023


DeGame recently unveiled the Linea Entertainment Festival, garnering immense attention from both gaming projects and enthusiasts. The event is structured in two exhilarating phases, each lasting two weeks. In each phase, DeGame partners with a selection of top-tier gaming projects from the community, orchestrating a blend of online and offline quests. Eager players have the opportunity to immerse themselves in these communities, take on quests, earn CPs (community points), and potentially secure Token and NFT rewards from the participating projects!

For the inaugural phase, 15 game communities are divided into Group A and Group B. To qualify for the final draw, participants must complete all quests from at least 3 communities in Group A and accumulate enough CPs in at least 1 community in Group B to compete for one of the top 60 spots. (For detailed official drawing information, please visit: https://degame.com/en/event/1).

This guide introduces Project Dmail from Group A. Dmail Network is constructing an AI-driven decentralized infrastructure that offers seamless, anonymous messaging and notification services across multiple chains and applications.

As part of the gaming community in Group A, Dmail offers fantastic rewards to its users: $1000 worth of Dmail NFT domain accounts. Players have the opportunity to win 5-digit, 6-digit, and 7-digit domain accounts. Winners must submit their information on Dmail Discord to claim their rewards. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity! Please follow @Dmail Network’s official Twitter for more gameplay and rewards coming soon.

🎁 Prize: $1000 Dmail NFT domain account.

The reward amounts vary, with a total value of $1000.

1 x 5-digit domain account (worth $79.99)

1 x 6-digit domain account (worth $29.99)

89 x 7-digit domain accounts (total value $890)

📍 Reward Rules: Winners will be randomly selected from eligible participants and must submit their information on Dmail Discord. They will then follow the announcement rules to claim their rewards.

⏰ Event Duration: September 4th to September 18th

Dmail Community Entrance: https://degame.com/en/community/140424?name=Dmailofficial

📍 How to Participate

  1. Click on the ‘Linea Entertainment Festival’ page

To view the detailed event process of Linea Entertainment Festival, scroll down to Linea Entertainment Festival Phase 1 Group A and click on the Dmail community to join the activities within the community. (For information on the DeGame registration process, please refer to the exploration guide.)

2. How to share the $1000 worth of the Dmail NFT domain account?

Users can click on “Reward” within the Dmail community to access event-related information.

Attention! Please note that to participate in the final random draw, you’ll need to invite three Friends to join before it can begin~
Attention! Please note that to participate in the final random draw, you’ll need to invite three Friends to join before it can begin~

Furthermore, by completing all three community quests in Group A, users can enter Group B communities to earn CP points and strive to rank in the top 60 in at least one Group B community, which qualifies them for Linea’s official draw!

The Linea Entertainment Festival is in full swing, drawing enthusiastic crowds of gamers. Group A’s Dmail is offering generous 🎁 benefits, with domain accounts worth a total of up to $1000. Players have the chance to win 5-digit, 6-digit, and 7-digit domain accounts, making it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! This event will delve deep into the limitless potential of Web3. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or a staunch supporter of digital currencies, please actively participate and explore the endless possibilities of the future!

🎮DeGame Website:https://DeGame.com/

🐦DeGame Twitter:https://twitter.com/DeGame_l2y

DaGame Telegram:https://t.me/DeGameOfficial

👾DaGame Discord:https://discord.com/invite/DeGame

🎮Dmail Website:https://dmail.ai/

🐦Dmail Twitter:https://twitter.com/Dmailofficial

✈Dmail Telegram:https://t.me/dmailofficial

👾Dmail Discord:https://discord.gg/QbvaeqwMFg




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