FlappyMoonbird × DeGame Detailed $FMB Airdrop Tutorial

4 min readNov 3, 2023

Project Profile

FlappyMoonbird is a PvP bird-themed game world inspired by the Moonbird, aiming to combine excellent casual games with blockchain technology and create a Web3 gaming metaverse.

As a competitive game within the BNB ecosystem, FlappyMoonbird has consistently ranked among the Top 10 competitive games on the BNB chain, boasting over 500,000 players and a substantial on-chain user base.

Linktree: http://linktr.ee/flappymoonbird

FlappyMoonbird is now preparing to introduce a brand-new card game in the Bird Metaverse — — Flappy Clash, featuring auto-chess, card battles, and roguelike gameplay. Players can engage in PvP battles, challenging PvE modes, and participate in ladder matches.

In response to community feedback and high expectations for the upcoming new game, FlappyMoonbird is thrilled to announce a weekly airdrop of 15,000 $FMB as a reward for DeGame campaigns.

Airdrop Rewards

$FMB (ERC20), both the governance and utility token within the FlappyMoonbird ecosystem, is currently listed on Bybit and tradable on Uniswap, more CEX to follow

In this event, you can share weekly 15000 $FMB by completing the corresponding tasks. The tasks are relatively easy to get started and can be completed in a few minutes. The rewards are first come, first served, so let’s do it now!

Airdrop Tutorial

Website: https://degame.com/en/community/140452

Join the community.

When you join the community for the first time, you can complete some previous regular tasks. Each task can get corresponding points. Daily check-in tasks can be collected once a day.

Flappy Keys holder and Genesis Bird NFT holder can earn more points through verification.

In addition, there are some simple tasks of retweeting and liking, and you can get corresponding points by completing them.

The entrance to this event is at the top of the community, and there are three tasks corresponding to different amounts of token rewards.

The prize pool for the first task is 1000$FMB.

Just complete the tasks of commenting, RT, and liking tweets.

The prize pool for the second task is 10,000$FMB

You can also participate in the lottery by completing the comments, RT and likes of the linked tweet.

The prize pool for the third task is 1000$FMB, and the task is the same as the previous one.

Click ‘Rewards’ to see a list of all active tasks.

Now, these are the few event tasks that can still be completed. Since the lottery method for this event is FSFC, some tasks have already been drawn. Take the time to complete the remaining tasks!

You can continue to pay attention to the campaign here. As long as you participate in the mission, you will have the opportunity to share the airdrop.

Last, If you want to know the progress of subsequent airdrops, you can follow the feed.

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