DeGame and OKX’s Web3 Year-End Party: A Winter Gaming Extravaganza

4 min readDec 6, 2023

As the curtains fall on the much-anticipated Web3 year-end party, a collaboration between DeGame and OKX, it’s time to reflect on this groundbreaking event that took place from November 20th to December 3rd, 2023. This event not only marked a significant milestone in the integration of gaming and Web3, but also set a new standard for innovation and exploration in the gaming industry.

Web3 Year-End Party: A Digital Odyssey in the Winter Gaming Realm

The Web3 year-end party, a digital celebration of gaming and passion, saw participants embark on an online adventure filled with fantasy and challenges. This exclusively online event showcased a blend of innovative on-chain activities, featuring collaborations with leading projects such as XY Finance, REYIELD, Tevaera, Pixels, Sunflower Land, BinaryX, Utherverse, MyShell, and BG Trade. These partnerships introduced a series of extraordinary online challenges, immersing players in a variety of gaming.

In addition, the event has achieved a series of remarkable accomplishments:

1. Total Event Views: Over 500K

2. Total User Participation: More than 62K

3. Total Completed Quests: Over 271K

4. New Community Members: 34.1K+

5. Twitter Impressions: 70K+

6. Twitter Spaces Views: 15K+

A far-reaching event with significant implications for the Web3 gaming industry

In the face of the evolving challenges within the Web3 space, the DeGame and OKX’s Web3 Year-End Party has emerged as a beacon of success and innovation. This event has not only thrived but also set new benchmarks in the industry, as evidenced by its remarkable achievements. With over 500K event views and a staggering participation of more than 62K users, the event has carved out a significant narrative in the evolution of Web3 gaming.

Acting as a catalyst for broader engagement in the Web3 realm, the event has successfully attracted 34.1K+ new community members, demonstrating the magnetic appeal of this unique gaming extravaganza. This surge in community growth is a testament to the event’s central role in shaping the future trajectory of the Web3 gaming sector. Furthermore, the impressive figures of 271K+ completed quests and substantial social media engagement, including 70K+ Twitter impressions and 15K+ Twitter Spaces views, reflect the industry’s deep-seated anticipation for the innovative directions that DeGame and OKX can pioneer in the times ahead.

These accomplishments were not achieved in solitude but were the result of the synergistic efforts of multiple collaborative projects, and the unwavering support of a wide array of media and community partners. Their collective dedication and cooperation have been instrumental in crafting these victorious moments, marking a milestone in the journey of Web3 gaming.

Celebrating the Courageous: A Treasure Trove of Rewards

The event dazzled with a substantial prize pool of $18,000, meticulously allocated across a spectrum of games and contests. This bounty included a central prize pool of $3,600, complemented by a substantial $14,400 in rewards contributed by the community. The excitement was further amplified by specific project rewards from an array of partners, each adding their unique flair to the prize offerings. Contributors such as XY Finance, REYIELD, Tevaera, Pixels, Sunflower Land, BinaryX, Utherverse, MyShell, and BG Trade generously provided a diverse range of tokens and exclusive access passes, enriching the event with their distinct contributions.

Participation and Gratitude: Thank you for contributions to Web3 users

The event’s success was made possible by the active participation of various media outlets and communities, including Planet Daily, Golden Finance, World Chain Finance, Chain Catcher, Aptos Global, Avatar DAO, Buidler DAO, GMA DAO, IOST, moledao, Perma DAO, web3future, APAC DAO, Xpert Media, MetaHub, BLCKCHN, JGG. . Their contributions were instrumental in bringing this unique Web3 feast to a global audience.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Gaming

This event was not just a celebration but a forward-looking exploration of future gaming trends. It showcased the infinite possibilities of the Web3 gaming world and set the stage for future innovations.

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