DeGame and OKX join forces to present the Web3 year-end party, kicking off the winter gaming extravaganza

4 min readNov 21, 2023

With the announcement of the groundbreaking collaboration between DeGame and OKX Wallet, we are excited to announce an unprecedented Web3 year-end party, set to take place from November 20th to December 3rd, 2023! This partnership not only signifies a deep integration of gaming and Web3 boundaries but also heralds a bold exploration and innovation of future gaming trends. In this celebration, participants will enter a winter gaming realm filled with fantasy and challenges, experiencing a Web3 adventure beyond the confines of traditional gaming gatherings. A series of generous rewards await every brave adventurer. Now, let’s embark on this grand celebration of gaming and passion together!

We cordially invite you to join this event. Below is a preview of the exciting activities and exclusive highlights during this event period.

Highlight of the event: The perfect blend of exploration, innovation, and passion

As November 20, 2023, draws near, we are excited to announce the upcoming annual celebration and invite Web3 users from around the world to join us in celebrating this thrilling moment. In this grand Web3 year-end party, we will collaborate with leading projects such as XY Finance, REYIELD, Tevaera, Pixels, Sunflower Land, BinaryX, Utherverse, MyShell, and BG Trade to bring gamers a series of extraordinary on-chain and off-chain challenges.

During the event, participants will have the opportunity to join these vibrant project communities and earn points by completing a series of innovative and challenging tasks. In these tasks, players will not only get to immerse themselves in the unique charms of each project but also have the chance to win token rewards provided by the respective project teams. This event is not just a gaming gathering but also an adventure in Web3 exploration.

Here, we would like to extend our special thanks to all the supporting media outlets and communities, including Planet Daily, Golden Finance, World Chain Finance, Chain Catcher, Aptos Global, Avatar DAO, Buidler DAO, GMA DAO, IOST, moledao, Perma DAO, web3future, APAC DAO, Xpert Media, MetaHub, BLCKCHN, JGG and CIG. Their participation and contributions have been crucial to the success of this event, and their efforts have enabled us to bring this unique Web3 feast to a wider audience.

Reward Details: Incentivizing Every Player

A prize pool worth $18,000, prepared for the most intelligent and agile players.

Diverse Reward Mechanisms:

Unified Prize Pool Distribution — Total Value $3,600: A total prize pool of $3,600 will be specially allocated as part of the unified prize pool, providing participants with additional competitive incentives. This portion of the prize money will be distributed based on outstanding performance in various games and competitions.

Community-Sourced Rewards — Total Value $14,400: During the party, various communities have contributed rewards with a total value of $14,400.

Specific Project Rewards:

● XY Finance: $1,000 worth of $XY tokens

● REYIELD: $1,000 worth of $REYLD tokens, $500 worth of USDT, and REYIELD Finance Early Access Pass*50

● Tevaera: $2,500 worth of USDT

● Pixels: $2,500 worth of $RON tokens

● Sunflower Land: $2,500 worth of $SFL tokens

● BinaryX: $2,500 worth of $BNX tokens

● Utherverse: $1,000 worth of USDT

● MyShell: $1,000 worth of USDT and 20,000 Shell Coins

● BG Trade: $2,500 worth of $BGT tokens

How to Participate: Join our gaming exploration journey

Step 1: Participate in various community tasks (click on the community to view reward rules)

Step 2: To be eligible for the prize pool draw, meet the following conditions:

● Complete all quests from 5 project teams

● Rank in the top 25 within a single event community

*The prize pool will be drawn randomly after the event concludes, and the list of winners will be announced subsequently.

An exploration of the future

Under the partnership of DeGame and OKX, this Web3 year-end party is not only the focal point of gaming but also a forward-looking exploration of future gaming trends. We sincerely invite you to join this event that combines innovative technology and exciting gaming festivities. Come and join us to explore the infinite possibilities of the Web3 gaming world and witness this adventure filled with passion and surprises!

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